Creative film hotels we all wish we could visit

    Creative film hotels we all wish we could visit
    When you think of hotels in movies, there is a slight number that comes to mind directly. The hotels offer an exceptional atmosphere to discover the tale, with restaurants, long corridors, empty rooms and a permanent staff. Managers such as Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick illustrate their view of life by filming those magnificent buildings and the terrible events that take place inside their walls.

    The Overlook of The Shining

    In Stephen King's adaptation film, there are families in The Overlook for the winter months until the return of the tourist season. Overlooking the most famous of the various films, the Overlook Hotel can be found in spacious communal rooms, a luxurious kitchen, endless corridors and a labyrinth of open wind. The astonishing amount of space is an absolute necessity for the tension that builds up in the film. With its distinctive and flamboyant 1970s decor, it is hard to remember.

    The Grand Budapest of The Grand Budapest

    From the mind of the great director Wes Anderson, the Grand Budapest Hotel came on the map in 2014. A very large pink structure floats on the peak of a hill in Europe, the grand Budapest sprawling with lavatory rooms, a huge restaurant and many floors. Grand Budapest Hotel appears to be striking with films, with its mysterious views, stunning rooms and slender red interior designs.

    The Regent Beverly Wilshire from Pretty Woman

    Performed by Julia Robert in Brittany and Mann is a creator. As a prostitute hired by a wealthy man for a week, she makes her temporary home in Regent Beverly Wilshire. On a ruined apartment against living with her roommate and her best friend, Wilshire has huge jacuzzi tubs, balconies and excellent closet service. Wilshire fits that queen with very large suites, luxurious pools and attentive wait staff.

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