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    Gambling - Smartlink combines the most effective gambling campaigns; global action, attractive rates. Commission: creating an account, email confirmation.

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    - Smartlink combines the most effective gambling campaigns;
    global action, attractive rates. : creating an account, email confirmation.

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    How marketers are tackling the challenges facing gambling
    The gambling industry is in a state of flux thanks to a series of changes to legislation and advertising rules that means gambling brands need to rethink their approach to marketing.
    It is hard to imagine a sector much more crowded, competitive and fast paced than gambling. From retail stores and online-only brands, to high profile football shirt sponsorships and flashy TV 
    campaigns, gambling marketing is an ever-present part of modern life.

    The next challenge facing the bookies comes with the start of the 2019/2020 football season and the enforcement of the whistle-to-whistle advertising ban. The ban means gambling ads cannot be shown in the UK during live sports coverage before 9pm, from five minutes before the event begins and until five minutes after it finishes.

    The new football season also marks the introduction of the video assistant referee (VAR) to the Premier League. VAR will review decisions made by the referee with the use of video footage and relay their decision to the pitch, an innovation expected to have a big impact on in-play betting.
    It’s simply not possible to compete effectively online anymore unless you can automate as much of your digital marketing as possible.
    Unsurprisingly, changes in the UK have encouraged gambling brands to diversify and explore opportunities further afield. The US market is now a key target after a federal ban on sports betting across 46 states was lifted in May 2018, allowing betting companies to take bets on college and professional sports.

    Couple with that the increasing interest in esports betting, the rise of women’s sports and the role voice search will play in betting, and you have an industry grappling with the sheer pace of change.
    In many cases, the revenue generated via online betting is eclipsing the retail offer. Paddy Power Betfair, for example, generated £948m in revenue from online gambling in 2018, compared to £331m from its 626 retail betting shops.

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